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During the holidays in Fethiye Region we offered you the best package tour prices that you will spend full of your day.

1 st Day: Dalyan Iztuzu Beach
Dalyan Boat Tour is the first stop Dalyan rock graves. You can swim in Dalyan Iztuzu Beach, which is seven and a half kilometers long, which is one of the most beautiful beaches of Turkey, also known as Dalyan Turtel Beach. After lunch, after benefiting from the Healing Spas and Dalyan Mud Baths, we complete the Dalyan tour.

2nd Day: Jeep Safari
The Fethiye Jeep Safari Tour is among the many adrenaline and fun activities you will enjoy. Tlos Ancient City is the oldest residential area of ​​the geography. Tlos, which has a history of four thousand years, has hosted many civilizations. It stands out with its carved graves measuring five hundred meters high. Tlos, who is also host to the Ottoman Empire, is also known as a sports city of Likyan. Saklikent is among the world's greatest canyons. You can walk for about an hour in our canyon of two hundred meters in length, eighteen kilometers long. Ringo Rafting, which is also made on the carapace, is offered to you as an option. Very entertaining Saklikent Rafting takes a total course (35 - 40 min) with an active professional guide who can do everything from small to big.

3 rd Day:Kayakoy Morning Horse Tour  + Turkish Bath
The horse tour takes 3 hours starting from Hisaronu. We drive through the pine trees for 1 hour and 15 minutes along the path and arrive at Kayakoy, a place famous for its ancient greek remains. We give as much free time as we can to visit the Greek Houses (Leviisi) and visit the old church. After the break, we return to the point where we started the tour from the path through the forest path again and complete Kayakoy Horse Riding Tour.

Pamper yourself in the excellent Ottoman architecture Fethiye Turkish Bath! Fethiye Turkish Bath is located in Hisaronu, Oludeniz, Fethiye and Calıs areas. Our guests are provided with the opportunity to throw away the fatigue of the day.

Information Is Included In The Price

Transportation - Guide - Lunch - Insurance

Price Excluded Information

Iztuzu beach fee - Saklikent Entrance fee - Personal expenses

Refund Transactions

In case of cancellation the backpayings will be as follows:

* 2 Days before the excursion date : %75 will be paid back

* 1 Days before the excursion date : %50 will be paid

If the customer does not join on the excursion date, no backpayings will be made, Only if the agency is responsible for the cancellation 100% will be paid back.

We would be more than happy to help you. Our team advisor are 24/7 at your service to help you.

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