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Rhodes is the greatest island in the Dodecanesean Islands with its nature and history. You can buy hand craft silver, tiles, hand crafted carpets, vine, uzo, olive oil, honey in rhodes where you can find local items.You can find local items in authentic shops in the old city. The rhodes statue (kolossos) and the rhodes castle which was made by the temple warriors, are one of the seven wonders of the world, are found in the entrance of the rhodes harbour.

The major landmarks on the rhodes island.
Seven Springs- You can see the most beautiful beach and coast of the rhodes island.
Lindos – You can visit the ancient greek akropolis of the rhodes island.
Kalithea- You can see the spa center which was constructed by the Italians.
Tsambıka- One of the most beautiful beaches of the rhodes.
Faliraki- Also called as center of the water sports on the east coast of the island.
Filerimos- You can explore the ancient Byzantine ruins in the old city region.
Petaloudes- Yo ucan visit the butterfly valley of rhodes. In some months of the year, tours are restricted to the visitors.
Kamiros- It is the area of the island where there are ancient city ruins.
Montesmith – A wonderful area ehere you can view the rhodes and turkish coasts.

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Fethiye Harbor Transfer - Rhodes Island Ferry Ticket

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Rhodes island Visa ( 55 Sterling ) - transfers of passengers from Rhodes

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